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Chapter Press Releases

"How to audit ethical behavior in the organization" article by Zachary Rosen published in Interní Auditor Magazine 3/2012

"Pitfalls of Forensic Detection Systems in Banking" translation of the article by Igor Šandrej published in DSM (Data Security Management) magazine 2/2012, July 2012

"Fraud Prevention for Enterprises – Old Solutions to New Problems" AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce of the Slovak Republic) Connection magazine, June 2012

"Není vámi zakoupená společnost trestně stíhaná?" article by Pavla Hladká published in Corporate Journal, magazine of Czech Institute of Directors, May 3, 2012 (Czech)

"Trends in Cyber Crime and Security Breaches" article by Zachary Rosen, May 2012

"HR Management for Audit and Fraud Investigation Professionals" article by Zachary Rosen, April 2012

"Canadian Experience Can Help Combat Occupational Fraud in the Czech Republic" article by Zachary Rosen, December 2011

"Seismic shifts in the region's banking sector" article by Zachary Rosen, November 2011

"Interview with Zachary Rosen, the president of ACFE Czech Republic" interview with Zachary Rosen, September 2011 (Czech)

"Mortgage Fraud in the U.S. - Awareness and Prevention Guide For Indiana Residents, Forensic Practitioners and Countries Worldwide" article by Zachary Rosen, August 2011

"Money laundering and combative initiatives within the EU" article by Zachary Rosen published in Interní Auditor Magazine 2/2011, June 2011

"E Commerce and Internet Security" article by Zachary Rosen, January 2011

"Forensic Audits: Fraudulent behaviour in a Time of Crisis" article by Zachary Rosen published in Interní Auditor Magazine 1/2010, March 2010

"Firms shouldn’t cut corners on finding fraud" article by Pavla Hladká published in Czech Business Weekly, February 12, 2010

"ACFE Launches Chapter in the Czech Republic" - November 2, 2009

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